Our little group was excited to go to Prague because it was the one place none of us had been. Mitchell has been to Amsterdam, Joana has been to Berlin, and Sami and I have been to Budapest and Vienna. But Prague was a whole new world for everyone.

We took a train there from Berlin and after checking into our airbnb — a cute little place with ten beds (more than enough for each of us) — we headed to a beer hall for dinner. While Mitchell went for something a little more extravagant (beef tartar), I stuck with the smaller option (potato dumplings). Both staples in the Czech diet, but both different. Either way, our meals were fairly cheap, and we were all pleasantly surprised to find that Prague was very inexpensive. On top of that, everything is in a fairly tight knit area, so we were able to walk everywhere from our apartment (which wasn’t even in the city center). After spending some time exploring the city and checking out the Old Town, we headed back to our apartment for another night of cards and wine.

The next morning, we walked to the Prague Castle and spent some time exploring it. The nice thing about it was the tickets we bought got us into a lot of sights in that area. We didn’t just see the Palace, but we also saw the church, the Golden Lane, etc. Some people in our group took the opportunity to enjoy a bratwurst in the square. After we spent several hours there, we walked back toward the Old Town across the Charles Bridge, which is a well-known area of town. There were a bunch of pretty statues on it, in addition to street performers and shops. We also passed a ginger bread shop and some of us indulged in a few sweets! That night, we found ourselves at a lovely little Asian place for dinner.

The next day, we woke up early and decided to walk to a lookout point on a small mountain just outside the Old Town. It was about a 40-minute walk from our apartment to the lookout point. What we didn’t realize — but should’ve — was that we’d have to hike up the mountain to the lookout point. We were sweaty and exhausted by the time we reached the top, and then we decided to climb up the tower which is modeled after the Eiffel Tower. We went up a few hundred steps and looked out on Prague, and it was honestly a beautiful sight. Not only could we see the city, but we also could see some of the countryside in the distance, beyond Prague.

Up on the mountain, there were some shops and other sights to see, in addition to a park. I decided to lay down in the park for a while (if I’m being honest, this isn’t the only time I’ve napped under a tree on this trip and it won’t be the last) while a few others got lemonade and looked at souvenirs. After resting for a while, we explored the Old Town and decided to check out the Dancing House (Joana split up from us to go check out the Communism Museum). The Dancing House is a really cool looking building and is known for its unique architecture. We decided to wander for a little bit after that, but that didn’t last long — we found another cat cafe. Of course we had to make a detour!! I liked this one better than the one in Edinburgh because it had free snacks and it was cheaper to get into. The only downside was that it had fewer cats, but it did make up for it with games like Uno, which we enjoyed playing.

We met back up with Joana after our little excursion and we treated ourselves to a delicious Italian dinner before heading to the train station. That night we were taking a night train to Budapest — but more on that later.

Things I’ve learned

  • Prague really is cheap. Beer is cheaper than water and everything has a very reasonable price to get in.
  • The Czech Republic uses a different currency than the Euro.

Tips for your travel in Prague

  • You’ll need cash most places instead of card.
  • Eat a Chimney Cake.
  • It’s a very walkable place, so don’t worry about getting around or wasting money on transportation within the city.
  • This is a good place to splurge a little bit on food because not only is it cheap, but there are a variety of restaurants.
  • If you plan to go clubbing, be aware that a lot of clubs don’t even open until 1 or 2 am. (This is why I decided to skip out on the clubs!)
  • When I Return: Go to the Jewish Cemetery and Museum, go hiking on the outskirts of Prague, go to Sedlec Ossuary

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  1. Dear Nessie, I have really enjoyed The post cards you have taken the Time to send to me. Be careful. To day is Cloyes wedding day. Going this evening with Didi and Bill Paty to her wedding. I love you Grammy

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