Showing the love after Valentine’s Day

It’s been a week since Valentine’s Day, a holiday I have a lot of mixed feelings about. I think it’s wonderful that we have a day dedicated to showing people you love them, but in a perfect world, we’d do that every day.

I’m no love expert, but I’m learning. I thought I’d compile a few unique ways you can love your significant other — or your roommate or your best friend or your mom or your sibling — every day instead of just on a few holidays throughout the year.



  • Buy them a pizza.

I love flowers, but I am terrible at keeping up with them. I never replace the water, I forget to clean up the petals that fall all over the floor and the vase usually sits in my room for weeks after the flowers die. I finally just told my fiancé, Jon, “I love it when you send me flowers, but I’m bad at it. Maybe next time, send me a pizza.” When I was having a particularly rough week, I got an email from Dominoes. Jon bought me a $20 gift card — one I used on election night, when I was up until the wee hours of the morning watching the coverage of it. It was a sweet gesture that my roommates and I were able to enjoy together.


  • Leave notes on their desk or send random texts/emails telling them you love them.

Jon gets pretty creative with the sweet texts he sends me. One recently said, “Beyoncé looks up to you. That’s how amazing you are.” Nailed it. My roommates and friends in the house also leave notes on my desk all the time. In a note my friend Malarie left in my room, she wrote that she “adores my radiant joy” and I’m like a “small bundle of confetti.” How can that not brighten your day?


  • Do their laundry.

Anyone who lives within a 50-mile radius of me knows how bad I am at laundry. I still don’t understand the importance of fabric softener and dryer sheets. I’ve left loads in the washer for a few days because I forget it’s there. And honestly, I just hate it. Sometimes, I wait a month before doing my laundry. (I’m working on it, Mom!) One of my roommates (hi, Lee, you rock) does laundry for me and my roommates occasionally when she has extra time on her hands. And, yep, you guessed it! That act of kindness makes us feel super loved. 


  • Read a book together.

When Jon and I were in the same place, we read books together all the time. Now, we just kind of read the same books but not necessarily at the same pace. I’ve heard of friends doing this and having an informal “book club” together as well. Committing yourself to reading a certain amount each week is dedication to that book and to that person. Talking about the book can also bring you closer and deepen your relationship.


  • Leave pep talk videos on their phone.

Translation: Be more like Malarie Humble. When I leave my phone in my room for a second, she’ll grab it and record herself giving me a pep talk. You can watch my favorite one here. Tell me that doesn’t give you warm fuzzies. Can you imagine how loved an important person in your life would feel if you did that for them?

One thought on “Showing the love after Valentine’s Day

  1. Sometimes I’ll hide a few silly notes around my sweetheart’s apartment. One was a post-it on the inside lid of his washing machine which said, “It’s about time you dropped your drawers!” For a super late all night meeting, I made him a huge bag of cookies. It’s the little things in life!

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